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Brain Injury Lawyers with over 35 years of trial experience

About Us

When brain injury is the last thing on your mind, it’s the first thing on ours.

For more than 35 years, our Vancouver personal injury lawyers at Brain & Injury Law – Collette Parsons Corrin (formerly Webster & Associates) have guided clients and their families through the complexities of brain injury rehabilitation, financial settlement and long-term planning, all as a part of brain injury litigation. We focus exclusively on acquired brain and neurological injuries and are Western Canada’s leading law firm in this highly specialized and complex area.

Whether we work directly with a brain injury survivor or on their behalf through family members, our Vancouver personal injury lawyers go above and beyond to give our clients the best service possible.

A brain injury can happen when and where you least expect it. From crossing a street in Europe to a fall at home or a devastating car accident, it’s likely the last thing on your mind. But it’s the first thing we think about, every day. We are the brain & injury law firm of choice for BC residents injured at home or abroad and for visitors to BC from around the world.

The effects of a serious brain injury can be devastating and long lasting. It can impact your financial future, lifestyle and relationships. As you and your loved ones focus on rehabilitation and adjust to the many challenges and life changes a brain injury creates, we do more than simply offer legal assistance. We work tirelessly to ensure your future needs are met and prepare your case for settlement or trial. We are here to support your rehabilitation and help you access the right medical specialists and rehabilitation supports to ease the transition to what is often a “new normal”.

Taking care of your recovery is just as important as taking care of your financial future. Every one of our brain injury lawyers and paralegals is highly skilled in all aspects of brain injury litigation and brain injury rehabilitation. Our experience, expertise and resources have produced many multi-million dollar settlements and judgments for our clients.

At Brain & Injury Law, each case is a special case. And each client is treated with the special care they deserve.

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Who We Help

Injury Survivors

Injury survivors are usually the first to contact us shortly after an accident. During this frightening time of dealing with insurance companies, multiple medical appointments and an uncertain future, injury survivors want to feel reassured, know that someone is listening to their concerns, and will stand up for them.

Our Vancouver personal injury lawyers offer trustworthy advice and a caring and compassionate approach to help injury survivors feel less alone as they adapt to their new circumstances.

Family members of injury survivors

When a person is so badly injured they are unable to seek help themselves, or when an infant or child is injured, parents and loved ones turn to us for legal advice and answers. Usually, while the injured person is still in ICU, a neurological ward or rehabilitation hospital.

Throughout this overwhelming time, family members of brain injury survivors seek comfort from someone who can offer advice for a brighter future, and help their loved ones recover sooner.  Our lawyers will often take the time that hospital doctors don’t have to explain the various stages of recovery and help advocate or advise on the best rehab course.  Many of our clients have said that the best assistance navigating this complex medical system came from our brain & injury lawyers.

In some cases, the responsibility of care and legal decisions may fall on family members, who often feel completely unequipped to care for a severely injured or disabled individual and make these decisions. These are all details our personal injury lawyers consider when guiding the families and help them ensure that they have secured enough financial compensation to help cover the long-term costs of caregivers and other rehabilitation.

Medical Professionals

Over the last few decades, we have built close relationships based on mutual respect with medical professionals to ensure our clients receive excellent care. We work closely with the medical community, and our team has been invited to hospital rounds and presented “Lunch & Learns” for medical professionals to help them understand the long-term community-based impacts of brain injury.

Other personal injury lawyers

Our reputation for being highly experienced and specialized in brain and head injury cases makes us leaders in our field. Our Vancouver personal injury lawyers have more than three decades of trial experience, which is particularly important when battling complex brain injury-related ICBC claims, for example.

On occasion, other lawyers who may not have the trial experience or brain injury expertise to deal with challenging cases turn to us for help.

We like to maintain good relationships within the legal community. Several of our staff members are actively involved in organizations such as the Trial Lawyer’s Association, and are called on as speakers for events and conferences.

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