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Concussion: New Standards and Ever-evolving​ Guidelines for Treatment, Care and Research

As the evidence base around the incidence, circumstances and symptoms of concussion grows, new opportunities arise for the management and coordination of care, and associated services. Although the treatment of concussion or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury requires careful attention to contextual factors and the full attention of medical practitioners to catch case-specific symptoms, which can never be completely administered with […]

Your Client’s Mental Health: What every lawyer needs to know

On November 3rd, 2017, we appreciated the input by various specialist professionals, as Dan Corrin co-chaired this information-rich session on how to deal with mental illness in litigation; Your Client’s Mental Health: What every lawyer needs to know. The conference, and associated webcast for learning these critical skills, covers key areas such as identifying and […]

ICBC Car Accident Resulting in Brain Injury

Gabor v. Boilard, 2015 BCSC 1724 The Case of the Accident of Ms. Gabor “The experts agreed that no other area of medicine is as controversial as mild traumatic brain injury [296]” In the case of Ms. Gabor, liability was admitted, and the facts of this matter of the car accident itself were cleared up […]

Review and Clarification on the law on “confidentiality between patient and doctor” in a legal context

As part of a significant medical malpractice decision released in Ontario (Bauer v Kilmurry, 2016 ONSC 7749 (CanLII) ) the court discussed important issues regarding physician / patient confidentiality. The plaintiff, Ms. Bauer, had a medical condition requiring surgery and following that surgery, she suffered a cerebral artery stroke that left her paralysed. The case […]

Depression following brain injury or concussion

It’s upsetting to read stories about the death of young people, directly or indirectly, related to brain injury or concussion.Ty Pozzobon’s death following his concussion is certainly a tragedy. The CBC story discusses the statistical frequency of depression following brain injury. In our practice, we see depression following TBI every day. Frequently I meet survivors […]

The ever-changing world of concussion rehabilitation

Concussion Rehabilitation Research A recent article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) suggests that physical activity following concussion (in youth) is better than rest. The study itself examined symptoms for PPCS (persistent post concussion syndrome) a month after the concussion and found that the children who had some physical activity within seven days […]