Car Accident Resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury

Sarah’s Story

My family and I were in a terrible car accident, in which my daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was in a coma for three and a half months. We were told we needed a lawyer and quickly got someone, a man who a friend recommended. That was our first mistake, and the biggest. We realized 18 months down the road that he was absolutely useless!

The most important thing when picking a lawyer is to find someone who understands your injury inside and out. Brain injury is so specialized — there are so many different aspects to this kind of injury and recovery. You need a lawyer who understands everything.

“Brain injury is so specialized — there are so many different aspects to this kind of injury and recovery. You need a lawyer who understands everything.”

I felt very upset and worried, especially when our old lawyer told us we wouldn’t get more than $200,000. I knew this had to be wrong.

I Googled ‘best brain injury lawyer’ in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, and Barbara Webster-Evans came up. I picked up the phone; it was 9pm the evening before Canada Day. Barbara picked up the phone! She spent almost two hours talking to me and made me realize that all my worst fears about our lawyer were valid. The next business day Barbara looked at our case and agreed to take it on, so we switched lawyers.

A lot of people don’t realize that if you are not satisfied with your lawyer, you have every right to get a second opinion and switch if need be.

Once Brain & Injury Law (Collette Parsons Corrin) took over our case things changed for the better.  I trusted the firm and their reputation — when any professional heard we were working with Brain & Injury Law (Collette Parsons Corrin) they all said ‘Well you have best company in the business looking after you.’

Brain & Injury Law’s (Collette Parsons Corrin) compassion to us as a family was second to none. The whole firm knows us by first name. Whether we go to the office or talk to them on the phone, the care and understanding is incredible. The associates are like a family and that’s how they treat us too, as if we are a part of their family.

As for Barbara, she is the sweetest, most caring and understanding woman I know. But when it comes to doing her job and getting your settlement, she is determined, professional and does not stop until she gets the job done — she secured for us our full insurance settlement.

We will never be able to thank her enough. Because of Barbara and her team at Brain & Injury Law (Collette Parsons Corrin), we know our daughter is secure for the rest of her life.

I can’t tell you how much peace that gives my heart. Since the settlement we have talked to Barbara several times; she will always be a part of our life. She is now a dear friend.

– Sarah

*Please note that the names in this testimonial were changed for confidentiality reasons.