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How We Work

If you’ve sustained a brain or spinal cord injury in a car accident, or as a result of medical negligence, a no-obligation, free, consultation with a lawyer at our personal injury law firm in Vancouver, BC could help you obtain the answers you need and significantly change your journey to recovery.

Here’s how we work:

1. Let’s meet, free of charge

When you contact Brain & Injury Law for an initial, free consultation, a lawyer in our highly experienced brain injury law team will arrange to meet with you and/or your loved one by phone or in person – at the hospital, your home or our office. Though our personal injury law firm office is located in Vancouver, BC, we regularly handle cases and respond to injuries that have happened all over British Columbia. Our network of professionals extends from Ft. Nelson to Saanich.

We’ll learn about your situation, explain how we can best help you from a legal perspective, and during the process connect you with specialized medical care and professional support to help you cope with the emotional, physical and financial challenges ahead. If we can’t help we will honestly advise you without charge and try to send you in the best direction. If we can help we we can be engaged on in a fair and reasonable basis.

2. No upfront fees or expenses

If we feel you have a valid case, we’ll get to work right away. We are only paid when we successfully resolve your claim through settlement or trial – until then you don’t pay us a penny.

Our firm operates on a contingent fee or percentage basis. We are paid a percentage of the final recovery, but not until then. Along the way we usually invest substantial resources into building our client’s cases (which we expect to recover). The percentage paid depends on the circumstances of each case and is agreed upon by the lawyer and client, and can be reviewed. When we act for adults who are not legally competent we act through a legal guardian (committee) and the settlement must be approved by the Court. When we act for children both the settlement and legal fees must be approved by the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia or the Supreme Court of BC.

3. Research & “Building the Case”

Our personal injury law team will gather medical & legal information relating to your accident or negligence that occurred in your situation to ensure we have all the facts and can build a rock solid case on your behalf. We’ll find and interview important witnesses, including police, paramedics, and treatment personnel. We hire experts such as engineers, forensic investigators or medical professionals to help recreate and understand how the incident happened, and determine who is at fault. We’ll put together a complete review of all medical, insurance or other related records. The sooner you contact us the easier it is for us to interview the important players and obtain the important information to build your, before the insurance company tries build a case against you.

4. Rehabilitation & Recovery

What sets our firm apart from others is our understanding and belief in the rehabilitation process. We understand and empathize with the situations our clients find themselves in. We know from experience and truly believe that putting together the most comprehensive rehabilitation plan possible will assist the injured individual in recovery, their family and the legal case. We have extensive experience putting together many rehabilitation plans that have led to good recovery.

Starting while we’re researching your case, and all along the way we want to ensure that you receive the care you need – not just the financial recovery at the end. We’ll connect you with medical specialists and other professional support to help you through the challenges associated with a traumatic brain, head or spinal cord injury. We’ll be in contact with you regularly to see how you’re feeling and how we can make you feel more at ease. We’re proud of our long and successful history of providing a better quality of life for all of our clients.

5. We’ll help you adapt

A head or brain injury is life changing – for both survivors and their loved ones. You may need a professional case manager or rehabilitation coordinator to help you adapt and plan for life post-injury. At times we have engaged Occupational Therapists, educational consultants, behavioural psychologists, physiotherapists, rehab assistants, tutors and other types of caregivers to provide rehabilitation assistance. We’ll do everything we can to access the best medical professionals, financial and life care planners to ensure you and your family are well looked after long-term.

6. Protecting your financial security

Getting better is your main priority, and our role is to make sure that you or your loved ones receive the financial compensation necessary for the best quality of life long after the litigation is concluded.

We work with experts to determine the full, fair value of your claim. This is a complex process that involves predicting the financial costs and medical needs to support a survivor for the remainder of their life.

Our team of economists and other specialists determine this amount based on a number of factors including the survivor’s income loss (past and future), care expenses (past and future), pain and suffering, as well as accident liability and fault.

7. We’ll resolve your claim through settlement or trial

In general 80-90% of our cases resolve with a settlement before a trial. However, there are times when even mediation between both sides is unsuccessful and we must go to trial. We will be ready.

Our personal injury law firm has 35 years of successful trial experience in Vancouver, BC, across Canada and abroad. We’ve run the longest personal injury trial in BC’s history and we are regularly in court for trials. We have the trial skills to fight for a fair resolution, and that is essential for any lawyer who wants to obtain a fair ‘out of court’ settlement from an insurance company. We have a strong history of trial and settlement successes.

Trials are expensive. There are substantial expenses for medical reports and other expert reports, which are vital to the legal case. We carry the costs of the necessary legal expenses incurred during the litigation process and are only reimbursed after the claim is resolved. We also expect that the insurance company will ultimately pay for those expenses so you won’t be out of pocket.

Your lawyer will explain your options at every stage in the legal process to make sure you remain informed and involved in the decision making process. You’ll be advised when it is in your best interest to resolve your claim.

If you or a loved has sustained a traumatic brain injury, contact us right away to ensure legal limitations have not passed for your claim and critical evidence can still be gathered.

Our BC personal injury lawyers have guided hundreds of injured clients through the complex and overwhelming brain injury litigation and rehabilitation process. For more than 35 years, we have fought for fair and just compensation to alleviate the financial, emotional and physical suffering of injury survivors.

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