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Property / Business Owner Liability

Business owners and homeowners must keep their properties in a condition that is reasonably safe.  If someone is injured due to a hazard that a business owner or homeowner knew or ought to have known posed a significant risk to people entering their property, the owner will be found liable.  Some common examples of the types of situations business owners or homeowners are found liable in include icy walkways that are not salted or sanded, uneven stairs or walkways that are unmarked, stairs without proper railings, and sharp or otherwise hazardous protruding objects that cause injury.  This list is not exhaustive and there may be many other hazards that could cause harm and lead to a property owner being found liable if someone is injured.   

In addition to liability for hazards related to their physical premises, business owners must not conduct their businesses in a way that creates an unreasonable risk of harm to others.  Similarly, homeowners can not conduct activities on their properties that pose an unreasonable risk of harm. For businesses a common example of the type of activity that can lead to liability is over service of alcohol to members of the public.  For homeowners activities such as trampolining in an unsafe way or swimming without supervision may lead to liability. 

We have successfully held business owner and homeowners responsible for harm they have caused in many varied factual situations.  We are happy to discuss a factual situation involving harm caused by a business or homeowner to determine if there is a potential case.

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