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Brain and Serious Injury Education and Resources

Brain and Serious Injury Education and Resources

We feel that our son received the best possible medical attention and rehabilitation as well as the best possible settlement he could have received all because of the dedication of Mr. Corrin and his staff. Because of Brain & Injury Law – Collette Parsons Corrin, our son will live a long and happy life. Thank you! – KB, UB & Family

To KEEP CURRENT AND BETTER understand life with a traumatic brain injury, the lawyers at Brain & Injury law read medical and legal literature on brain injury.  We also talk to our current and past clients, from whom we have learned so much.  For those that are newer to brain injury we have compiled a list of brain injury resources and education materials.

Should you have any legal questions about brain or other personal injuries, our compassionate team at Brain & Injury Law is here to help. As a leading personal injury law firm in British Columbia focusing on brain and neurological injuries, we’ve represented hundreds of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury survivors whose lives have been altered by a car accident, medical negligence or other catastrophic personal injury.   We work closely with everyone involved to provide the most effective and caring legal representation.

Our legal team has significant experience and expertise in brain injury litigation and is sensitive to the needs of survivors and their families. If there are resources that should be added to this site, we don’t know everything, please feel free to let us know.

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