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Growing to serve you better

Growing to serve you better

Collette Parsons Corrin LLP has acquired Z Philip Wiseman Law Corp.

Collette Parsons Corrin LLP has acquired Z Philip Wiseman Law Corp as part of a strategy to offer a wider range of legal services to a wider client base in the Lower Mainland.

The expanded firm of Collette Parsons Corrrin LLP  will consist of 14 lawyers in 2 offices in the Lower Mainland. Clients of Z Philip Wiseman Law Corp will benefit from an expanded range of legal services, access to a broader team of experts and the cost efficiencies that come from a larger firm. Collette Parsons Corrin LLP will benefit from the expertise of Z Philip Wiseman Law Corp lawyers and staff and their dedication to delivering outstanding service to their valued clients in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.

Z Philip Wiseman Law Corp was founded in 1990 to focus on personal injury litigation and serving a wide range of clients in the Lower Mainland.

Richard Parsons, a partner at Collette Parsons Corrin, also commented, “Collette Parsons Corrin LLP  acquisition of Z Philip Wiseman provides a major growth opportunity for our businesses through an extended service offering for our clients. Moving beyond no-fault insurance in BC, we will be best positioned to expand into other areas of personal injury litigation.

The expanded business will serve 500+ clients across British Columbia.

What this means for you and your case

The Z. Philip Wiseman group of lawyers, case managers, paralegals and legal assistants have all joined the team at Collette Parsons Corrin.  This means that clients of Z. Philip Wiseman will enjoy a smooth transition with minimal interruption, as well as familiarity with the people handling their case.

The rules and regulations regarding injury law in British Columbia are going through many changes, but the legal team at Collette Parsons Corrin includes some of the most experienced and respected lawyers in British Columbia, who can provide a high level of service to navigate these changes.

Collette Parsons Corrin has a large team of highly experienced case managers, paralegals, and legal assistants to provide clients with fast and effective service during an injury claim.

The Z Philip Wiseman Team Law Corp team is ready to help you

Philip Wiseman has been representing injured people and their families since 1990, and since that time has been a well-known and respected lawyer in British Columbia.  After a successful career spanning 30 years, Mr. Wiseman is pleased to announce the transition of his practice to Collette Parsons Corrin.  Mr. Wiseman is confident that the legal team at Collette Parsons Corrin will provide his clients with the same caring and personalized service, along with the additional benefits of joining a larger legal team.  Mr. Wiseman has been honored to represent clients over the years, and thanks his former and current clients for their trust.

We are excited for this next phase in our growth and we look forward to continuing to serve our clients while taking advantage of the vast resources that Collette Parsons Corrin LLP brings to the table. We are in a better position to better help our clients with their personal injury claims.  Our professional team is able to provide legal services in a variety of languages including Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

We continue to serve all of our existing clients and look forward to working with you moving forward.

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